no waiting dental insurance

no waiting dental insurance


paying for the  coverage take it okay of course  you know of course take what they’re no waiting dental insurance gonna give you but I’m talking about if  you have a plan that’s offered to you at work but it but you’re paying for it you  know it’s a payroll deduction on them and still your money paying no waiting dental insurance for it then you want to think about some things  before you say yes.

or no to that plan one question you’ll want to ask yourself is how much of a deductible am #facebook I willing  to have and you guys know what a deductible is right it’s an amount of money that you’ve got to pay upfront before the insurance company pays  anything just like with auto insurance or homeowners insurance the same thing so

commonly we see twenty-five or fifty dollars per person per year that’s  pretty standard some plans may be more you may see seventy-five hundred dollars per person but on average it’s usually twenty-five or fifty you want to ask  okay how much benefit do I want to have per year because that’s another sort of distinction of dental insurance as

opposed to medical insurance that was used to technically medical insurance  has a limit or a maximum two but hopefully none of us ever finds out what that is right because it’s a very large number do you know health insurance is intended to be comprehensive and to pay for lots  and lots of things but dental insurance is not that way dental

insurance is what’s called a defined benefit plan which means that there’s a limited amount of resources a defined or set number of dollars that they’re going to  pay per person per year and so if you are a person who has relatively healthy teeth you know you come to the dentist twice a year and most of the time you don’t need anything if you do it’s maybe just one filling or one crown if you’re that  lucky person you know then a thousand dollars in benefits per year is probably plenty and you wouldn’t