How Take Care Of Tooth pain

The next are the second premolars or the Tooth pain then we have the first molars otherwise known as the six year molars and thenĀ Tooth pain .

We have the second molars otherwise known as the twelve year molars and we have the third molars nicknamed the wisdom teeth the primary teeth are identified by letters a through T so we start with tooth a on the upper right and.

Tooth pain
Tooth pain

Then wrap around to j on the upper left then drop down to tooth K on the lower left and wrap around to two T on the lower right primary teeth are important for speaking chewing and holding the space for the permanent teeth to grow and develop.

This is a chart of the development of the primary teeth and this is a child aged two to five years of age right here we see that the tooth buds of the primary teeth are already developing in .

This jaw and again its upper lower and mirror-image the first two teeth are the central incisors the next two teeth are lateral incisors the next are the cuspids with canine teeth the next are the first molars and then the next are the second molars surfaces are used to describe or identify the size and the side of the decay or the restoration on a tooth .

A tooth has five surfaces and they are identified by abbreviations so the abbreviations are as follows the D is for distal and that is the inter proximal tooth surface that is farthest away from the in line of the body the M stands for medial