Dentemax Is One Of the Most expensive

Dentemax Dental Insurance

  • Let me explain to you why  you can imagine how many people call us and say hey Carlos
  • I need a dental policy like yesterday because I need a  root canal right well
  • I can’t get you a dental policy today tomorrow you get Dentemax your root canal and then the third day.
  • You cancel insurance the insurance companies would go broke okay so that’s why.
  • There’s always a waiting period for four major services and that’s industry standard so no wait for preventative  six-month wait for basic services and -month wait for four major services.
  • That is industry standards now you might find a dental policy that that will eliminate the waiting periods for certain things but they won’t give you.

The benefit they might give you a % benefit and on top of that it’s a contract so you can’t get out of that Dentemax contract for at least a year so there’s policies out there if that’s something that you want to look at we can we can try to figure it out and we can try to find it for you but most of the time we’re offering a United health care dental policies in most states across the country okay.

So that’s how the united healthcare dental policy works so now Dental Helps that we know a little bit about how the policy works let’s talk about how to find a dentist in the network now before you do this it’s always happened it happens often where I ask a client if there is a particular dentist that they just cannot live without whom we need to make sure accepts the policy that.

We’re looking at accepts the dental policy that we’re looking at and oftentimes I search to a bunch of different carriers trying to find that dentist in the network and they don’t show up and a lot of the times it’s because many dentists are not in network with any insurance policy they will accept your insurance if it’s PPO they’ll accept the reimbursement rates and then they’ll just bill you the difference okay if if there is a dentist.

That is in the network that is accepting the plan that that you purchased then they they have agreed to the contract contracted rates right so they get paid the contract rates and then you’re just responsible for your deductible and the percentage of what your responsibility is and that said they’re not going to charge you above that. Click Here..